Wholesale Produce

Crop Calendar

Here you can find a list of most of our crops, and their expected seasonal availability. These projections are based on our retail market and CSA availability. Wholesale availability will come for a period in the middle of these listed seasons.

Get our Fall Decor pricelist

We provide a full selection of Fall decorations on a retail and wholesale scale. Here is our list of wholesale Fall decorations, like Pumpkins, Ornamental Corn, Corn Stalks and more. Availability begins in September. Prices are subject to change.

Get on our weekly wholesale email list

Email us and request to be put on our email list for weekly wholesale availability updates. This includes for example, Bushel quantities of smaller crops and bin quantities of larger crops like Corn and Melons.
Email us here:
[email protected]

Note: These prices can fluctuate from week to week depending on time of year, weather conditions, and other factors.

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