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Geneva Lakes Produce Greenhouse & CSA is a family owned business with over 30 years of experience in delivering fresh and delicious farm produce to your home. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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We offer a variety of quality produce in every growing season throughout the year. Our family has been involved with sustainable agriculture and land stewardship for 5 generations.

Delicious, farm-fresh produce from our family to yours.

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Farming is in our blood

The Kosters have been Farming for over 6 generations. Some of our earliest growing includes Gladiolus and Strawberries.

In the mid 1980s, the Koster Farm grew into Geneva Lakes Produce headed by Farmer Scott, with a select variety of produce and selling at our local Farm Stand and Farmers Markets. Fast forward to today, we still provide for our local Farm Stand and Farmers Markets, as well as serving Chicagoland area Farmers markets, our unique CSA Program and our local grocery stores and restaurants.

Farmer Scott learned early on from Koster farm in Wichert, IL about the relationship between hard work and the pay off in delicious, fresh produce like our succulent watermelon, juicy sweet corn, and beautiful fresh flowers. He and his Sons Jordan and Corban currently manage Geneva Lakes Produce with lots of help along the way from wife Jackie and daughters Maggie, Priscilla and Abbie. Together, they now carry on the family farming tradition at Geneva Lakes Produce Greenhouse & CSA in Burlington, WI.

If you would like to learn more about our farm, and our wide variety of delicious and fresh farm produce, call or email us today at 262-206-1271 and [email protected]

Serving as stewards of the land for generations
At Geneva Lakes Produce Greenhouse & CSA, we take sustainable agriculture and land stewardship very seriously. Dated back to our great grandfathers, our family is a long line of stewards of the land, investing in it to keep the land fertile and healthy. Sustainable farming is in our blood. It defines our life as farmers, it sustains us as a family, and it provides for our community and for our future.

We love veggies

Use our huge variety of fresh veggies into your diet. While we grow many staple crops, we also have some unique crops that you likely haven't heard of.

Our Farming Schedule

From Spring Planting and  Summer Harvest to Fall Harvest and Winter Greenhouse Planting. We are always busy!

Farmers Market

We participate in a variety of local weekly Summer Farmers Markets. Find one near you!

The Koster Family

Going on 6 generations, the Kosters love for Farming keeps growing. Maintaining a connection between the community and agriculture is more important now than ever!

Taste over beauty

Grow your relationship with local farms like us and learn how to understand the signs of ripe produce.

Selling Produce

We offer most of our produce through Farmers Markets, our local Farm Stand and small scale wholesale.


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