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Geneva Lakes Produce - Spring Prairie 








Address: Hwy 120 and 11 Spring Prairie, WI (Click for directions)


Status: Open self serve


Contact: Stand Phone - 262-723-2580   Email - info@genevalakesproduce.com


What's in Season: Most of our Fall crops have gone out of season for the Winter. The Grennhouses are starting to fill up with cuttings and plants that will soon multiply as we come closer to Spring. We also have several High Tunnels that will soon be planted with early produce to get the season a head start! Think Spring!!


Origins: Geneva Lakes Produce - Spring Prairie is our original Farm Stand and our first permanent retail sales location. Scott Koster grew up in Kankakee Illinois farming with his Grandfather, Father and other local farmers, working in the fields, as well as maintaining some local farm stands. Moving into his business of selling seed, Scott's path led him to Burlington, WI, where he started Geneva Lakes Produce in the 1980's with a handful of roadside self-serve produce stands. In the mid 1990's, he opened his first permanent farm stand in Spring Prairie. The farm, currently being run by Scott and his sons Jordan and Corban, still relies greatly on their Spring Prairie Farm Stand and is the home base for our local CSA members. Our Seasonal produce selection is always available there and open to the public. Come by and see the Farm animals too!

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